About The book


The Last Circle book is a true life tour-de-force through the labyrinth of institutionalized crime in the United States during the past 28 years.

Cheri Seymour has worked as an investigative reporter, newspaper editor, and private detective for two decades while pursuing a career as a non-fiction writer. Her real-life exploration through the criminal labyrinth of the “Octopus” and the theft of the PROMIS software is reflected in various writings for newspapers and magazines, including “The Ghost of Danny Casolaro” in High Times magazine in August 2001. Most of these writings expose organized criminal elements and their symbiotic relationship with members of the U.S. government.


A native Californian born in Los Angeles, Seymour was introduced to writing by her father, Professor Raynolds Johnson, B.A., Los Angeles State University; M.A. in English Literature at Stanford University, member of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Delta Kappa. Seymour learned most of what she knows about journalism from her father.


Her investigative reporting ultimately led her into the field of security requiring professional training in counter-terrorism. One aspect included armed body-guard service for a lawyer who was representing some former sheriff’s deputies and grand jurors who filed the largest civil-rights lawsuit in California history on November 20, 1987, and a Writ of Mandamus on February 10, 1988 against the director of the Fresno FBI, the California Attorney General and the California Governor for refusing to investigate corruption in Mariposa County. In effect, this launched Seymour’s probe of the “Octopus” which ultimately led her to the hallowed halls of the United States Department of Justice in Washington D.C.


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