About The book


The Last Circle book is a true life tour-de-force through the labyrinth of institutionalized crime in the United States during the past 28 years.

One of Casolaro’s sources led Seymour to “The Company” in Fresno, California. This organization was comprised of 300 members, many of them former military men or ex-police officers, with nearly $30 million in assets, including planes, ships and real estate, who imported billions of dollars worth of narcotics from Latin America, and who were also involved in gunrunning and mercenary operations.

Each tentacle of the Octopus led Seymour deeper into the criminal labyrinth of MCA Corporation, the Gambino crime family’s ties to the DOJ, Wackenhut/Cabazon arms deals with the Nicaraguan Contras, CIA and NSC drug operations, government spy networks, and the theft of the PROMIS software for international money laundering by high officials in the Reagan presidential administration of the 1980’s.

The book ends with the 2009 arrest of a self-described Mafia “hit-man” who had been contracted to kill a Cabazon tribal leader in June 1981 who had opposed the development on Tribal lands of the first Indian Casino in California and the terrible weapons of Wackenhut.


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